This Month’s Special Feature


As you approach the university town of Stellenbosch, you will notice the Simonsberg Mountain that forms an imposing backdrop for this picturesque town. Legend has it that the mountain is actually the sleeping form of Simon Van Der Stel (after whom Stellenbosch was named) and that, should he ever be awakened the town would face serious problems. I cannot help but think that Mr. Van Der Stel has one eye sneakily opened to peek at the majestic scenery that surrounds this historical town, for who could sleep through such beauty? His gaze will also no doubt fall on the beautiful tree-lined fairways of the Stellenbosch Golf Club, surrounded by mountain slopes under vine. The tree-lined fairways may be intimidating at first, because of the sometimes-narrow framework, but plenty of space is available for a clever game plan. In 1999 the club hosted the South African Open Championship and several improvements were made, including new water hazards at the 12th and 18th holes. In the ensuing years, under the guidance of a vibrant new committee, course improvements have continued. In 2005 brand new greens were introduced and these now serve as the cherry on the top of the challenge at each individual hole.

Gould’s Special Note:

Stellenbosch also co-hosted the 25th World Amateur Team Championships 2006. The ladies competed for the Espirito Santo Trophy while the men competed for the Eisenhower Trophy. Proud host of the SA Masters 1986, 1990 and SA Open 1999

The clubhouse has been substantially upgraded and it is worth enjoying the 19th hole on the terrace to savour the surrounding mountain scenery. Read more..