The Pearl Continues to be polished.

Standard maintain Standards
I don’t like going to the dentist! This seemingly obvious statement to many of you will come as a surprise form someone who is supposedly writing about golf.
Well it is because this month seems to have been all about Pearl Valley Golf Estates. I HAD TO go to the dentist. Now as a ‘new Franschhoeker’ I hadn’t sought out a dentist practice, but fortunately I read the Tatler Magazine and saw an advert for a brand new dental practice in town. Dr Schalk Du Plessis, at 1 Kruger Street, who handled my necessary attention with professionalism and care, I knew immediately, he was a great find for me. He lives at Pearl Valley and he is a golfer! Now that’s my kind of dentist and he sorted me out in time for my attendance at The Pearl Valley sponsored Celebrity Golf Day in aid of the Sunflower Fund.
Celebrities, there were in abundance, and I was pleased to catch up with Rob Louw, who I knew well from his playing days and it was also a pleasure to also catch up with my previous boss, Ingrid Diesel who was at one time the CEO of Fancourt during my time there and who was the organiser of this event.

Chris Moir (Sunflower Fund), Rob Louw, Ingrid Diesel (Event organiser), Sarah Norman (survivor and now works for Sunflower Fund).

My powerful memories, however, are of the three partners I got lucky to play with. The singing Doctor, Darren Green, whose card introduces himself as the Multimedia Doctor and Professional performer, who I was to learn had been a finalist of Idols’ first season and who is now a panel expert on SABC3’s Doctors Orders, is also a Cape Argus Columnist and 567 Cape Talk’s Health and Wellness Doctor. Flippantly, he passed on, is that he also studied Neurology and he is a sought after motivational speaker and he can play golf better than me!

And my two other partners also played better than me. Business coach Johan Duraan, would no doubt have improved every aspect of my life if I had bid for the R120 000 coaching course he offered and David Murray, who I have known at both Erinvale and Pearl Valley as the golf professional, was to my very pleasant surprise the excellent auctioneer for the evening. He told me he had taken an auctioneering course and I am pleased to tell him he studied well.

Still a Pearl

While I could list the many celebrities attending the Sunflower Fund Charity, which raises awareness for the need to increase the register for bone marrow transplant donors, I must mention the standards maintained at Pearl Valley under the insecurity of the estate’s future due to Dubai World non-repayment of its loans to Standard Bank. Now under the Stewardship of the bank directors, Standard Bank have maintained standards and noticeably improved them in many cases. The doubling in size of the iconic driving range has been complemented by attention to the flowerbeds throughout the estate and a highly noticeable investment to the entrance aesthetics, is a welcome feature.

Gould’s special note: Gawie Marx, the amiable GM of Pearl Valley, told the audience that he himself was a Leukaemia survivor having found a matching donor. He urged us all to register!

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